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It was with far too little recognition from the metal world that Peter Steele, bassist, singer, and songwriter of America’s OG (that’s Original Goth to clarify for those sorry few who still believe in the rap-metal crossover abomination) Metal band unfortunately passed away this year. On April 14th of the year 2010, he died of heart failure. Some years ago on this same same day a cowardly reject of the American stage burst through the balcony of Ford’s Theater to assassinate a certain 16th president. Coincedence? I think not.

A precious 145 years after the thunderous Emancipation Proclamation, Peter Steele would release the song “Halloween in Heaven”  on Type O Negative’s final album. He allegedly wrote it for his good friend Dimebag Darrell, who met his demise at the hand of another cowardly assassin.

The song is a reveille for not only our beloved Dimebag, but for all deceased rock stars, among which this year, for the first time,  we count Peter Steele. Here’s to raising a Black Tooth Grin towards the sky in honor of the deceased, because we know they’re lowering one back down towards us today.

To Peter Steele’s first Halloween in Heaven…


~ by strandedonterra on October 31, 2010.

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